Desktop PCs


Desktops come in a wide range of specifications; all for different uses and purposes. Basic base units usually come equipped with any combination of the following:

  • 2GB to 8GB RAM
  • 500GB - 1TB Hard Drive
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Integrated graphics/Low-end graphics card

Prices range from £200 - £400 depending on specifications and whether the customer has an Operating System already, or requires one.

  • 8GB RAM
  • 750GB - 1TB Hard Drive
  • Dual Core/Quad Core Processor
  • Mid-range graphics card (512MB -1GB)

We can build custom machines to cater for high end gamers, serious photographers, 3d graphic designers, musicians and many other specialised areas. Our machines have stood up to the acid test of use in business, shops, photographers studios, music colleges and teenagers bedrooms! We take genuine pride in our methodical approach to computer building to give you something truly great.

  • 16GB+ RAM
  • 1TB+ Hard Drive
  • Quad Core/X6 (Six Core)+ Processor
  • 1GB+ Graphics Card(s)
  • Advanced Heatsink/Cooling System

Needless to say, with the amount of power that comes from these machines; the price always rises dramatically with performance. Talking with our team; with 40 odd years combined experience in the industry, we can discuss with you and advise you on what you will need and what you can do without to keep the costs as low as possible without compromising the intended use of the build.


We have a wide range of peripherals for your new desktop computer in stock; if for some reason we don't, we can order them in for you.

  • Keyboards (Wired/Wireless)
  • Mice
  • Webcams
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Mousepad
  • Speakers
  • Headphones/Headset

and much more...


We offer 12 months parts and labour for any machine built under £1000. Any machine built that comes to over £1000 comes with 12 months parts and labour with a further 12 months labour.

What you need to know!


The processor (or CPU) is the brain of the machine, controlling all aspects of the desktop computer and greatly influencing the speed. The speed of a desktop PC processor is measured in Gigahertz (GHz) and faster the processors the better it can handle the things you ask it to do.You can also opt for processors with more than one core, this will often result in things getting done quicker if you or the software you use does more than one thing at once. There are two main manufacturers of processors for desktop PCs - Intel and AMD. Each manufacturer has different models:

  • Intel Celeron - for basic tasks and performance
  • AMD Sempron - for basic tasks and performane
  • Intel Pentium - General performance
  • AMD Athlon - General performance
  • Intel Dual/Quad Core and "i" series - High-end performance
  • AMD Phenom Dual/Triple/Quad/X6 (Six Core) - High-end performance

Memory is temporary storage used by programs and files currently running on your computer. Memory is known as RAM, or Random Access Memory, and needs power to be able to store information. So, when your computer is switched off, the information is forgotten about. Memory or RAM is not to be confused with your hard drive; that's permanent storage for programs and files. Memory is measured in Megabytes (MB) and Gigabytes (GB).

Hard Drives

Desktop computers generally offer more hard drive space than laptops. The size of your hard drive is important if you want to store lots of music and videos, photos, games, software etc.

Optical Drives

Optical drives are the tray drives in the front or side of a computer, similar to those found on your stereo or DVD player. Drives allow you to load and install software and write (or "burn") data to a disc. New computers usually have a DVD-RW drive. Optical drives come in many formats:

  • CD-ROM - only reads CDs
  • CD-RW - Record and play CDs
  • DVD-ROM - reads CDs and DVDs
  • DVD RW - Record and play CDs and DVDs
Operating Systems

An operating system is what allows you to use applications and generally access all of the information you have on your computer. By far the most popular operating system in the world is Microsoft Windows, the most recent of which is Microsoft Windows 7 but others you may have heard of include, Windows Vista and Windows XP.

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