Hardware Repairs

Hard Drive/Solid State Drive

Hard drives cause a lot of grief when they give up. However, in most cases the drive still functions enough to back-up the data from one drive to a new one. Unfortunately there is no 100% guarantee that in the event of a hard drive failure that a back-up can be performed such as extensive physical damage.


Motherboards issues can be very similar to problems created by other hardware components. Beacuse of this, it causes some frustration. Due to it being the base of all other components; when it is replaced, a reinstall of the operating system is also highly recommended. Common causes of motherboard failure involve overheating due to dust and putting all other hardware under load. Prolonging the life of a motherboard (and most other components) comes down to cooling. Ask in store for more information about this.

Memory (RAM)
Power Supply (PSU)
processor (CPU)
Graphics Card

Conflicting Software

Not all software works well together; most noteably, Security software. Never use, or have more than one form of Anti-Virus or security software installed on the same machine. They don't play well together!

Rogue Security Software

Fake security software is the most issues people find today. A good way to spot a rogue security system is if you have never seen or heard of it before. If it just appears one day and you can't open your normal security program; the chances are you are being asked for money to 'Clean' your pc.

CLICK HERE for a comprehensive list of known Rogue Security Software »


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